Benefits enrolment for the full season!


We would like to inform you about the different options for enrolment. At The Little Gym it is possible to enroll for a half season (until February 19th 2018) or for a full season (until July 22nd 2018). We are happy to announce that a lot of you will be joining our classes until the Summer; a full season!

Until November 26th we still offer a 5% discount upon enroling for the second part of the season. If you have signed up your child for the first part only, and you wish to enrol for the second part as well, come to the desk and we will help you reserve the spot.

Not only will we offer the 5% discount, but we will also be able to guarantee the spot in the preferred class. We have waiting lists for some classes, and we would like to offer you the option to reserve now. Especially for the Beasts (19-29 months), the Funny Bugs (3-4 years) and Giggle Worms/Good Friends (4-5 years) classes are filling up quickly.

Call; 020-4040798 or email; click here to enrol for the second part of the season!


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